I ran tonight, and other tragedies

I went for a run tonight and it was rubbish.  More on that in a moment.

During last year’s Ealing Half I struggled to find a rhythm.  I spend 21.1 kms battling myself to find a stride that I could, um, stride into.  Well, I searched and searched for rhythm during that run and the rhythm just didn’t come.  If I had spent any time in training dealing with this issue then it probably wouldn’t have derailed me as much as it did (at the start… although I struggled the whole race, I kind of got used to the struggle, if that in any way makes sense).  So, after that I was determined to be a bit more of a hard arse when it came to not bottling out on training runs that weren’t particularly going to plan.  So, that’s what happened tonight.

I ran from home to Neon Toddler’s nursery – it’s about a 6.8km run, and mostly flat.  Oh my gosh, tonight it was just terrible.  I felt like I was moderately pushing the pace and just not going anywhere (as in something in the vicinity of 20-40 seconds per km slower than my normal easy pace).  My feet were hitting the ground in odd and unexpected ways, and going all over the place.  Even when I was consciously trying to run ‘to form’ things just were not happening.

About 1.5 km in I stopped and took off my long sleeve, because I was just slightly too hot.  I love the blistering heat when all I have to do is sit by the pool and drink a beer, but when I’m running I’d rather be a lot too cold than a little too hot (god help me if I ever decide to run a desert race…).  So, off came the jumper, but the running didn’t get any better.  So, on I struggled.

And struggled.

And struggled.

But, I didn’t give in (I easily could have stopped anywhere on my particularly route and taken a bus).  And gosh my run was awful.  But, it was also one of those days that – for totally no reason whatsoever, even in the face of an awful run – things were just good.  Running was good.

And that was that.  I guess ‘train through pain, to race through pain’ can also just as easily be ‘train through weird, uneven, nothingness to race through weird, uneven, nothingness’.

It all helps.



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