A quick update

Oh man do I have a LOT of work to do on my running between now and Paris, or Saffron Trail, or even the two halfs I’m running in March.

I guess, it’s time to get out and run, run, run…


Winter running is great because… MORE KIT!!!

IMAG0510Buff, obvs.  Glasses (always contacts during the day and for races).  Sony Walkman waterproof all-in-one MP3 player (although I need a new one of these!).  Tribesports black t-shirt. Kalenji arm sleeves. Garmin 220.

IMAG0514_1As above, plus Nike Victory Women’s Court Skirt. Adidas black-and-white running tights.  Honestly, I only bought these because I couldn’t decided if they were super awesome or super ugly.  But they are awesome.

IMAG0516As above, plus Brooks Pure Connect 2.  I don’t have to tell anyone how much I love these shoes, because I LOVE THEM and THEY ARE THE AWESOME!!!  These are men’s, and obviously very, very green. IMAG0518And all as above, plus a Quencha Extend 0-10L vest.  Honestly, it’s a good enough vest but I would like to get a more sturdy one.  It’s very light, and I mainly use it for longer runs (clearly) and for times I run to pick up the Neon Toddler from nursery, and need to take her a drink, myself a jacket, and our Oyster, and keys.

I ran tonight, and other tragedies

I went for a run tonight and it was rubbish.  More on that in a moment.

During last year’s Ealing Half I struggled to find a rhythm.  I spend 21.1 kms battling myself to find a stride that I could, um, stride into.  Well, I searched and searched for rhythm during that run and the rhythm just didn’t come.  If I had spent any time in training dealing with this issue then it probably wouldn’t have derailed me as much as it did (at the start… although I struggled the whole race, I kind of got used to the struggle, if that in any way makes sense).  So, after that I was determined to be a bit more of a hard arse when it came to not bottling out on training runs that weren’t particularly going to plan.  So, that’s what happened tonight.

I ran from home to Neon Toddler’s nursery – it’s about a 6.8km run, and mostly flat.  Oh my gosh, tonight it was just terrible.  I felt like I was moderately pushing the pace and just not going anywhere (as in something in the vicinity of 20-40 seconds per km slower than my normal easy pace).  My feet were hitting the ground in odd and unexpected ways, and going all over the place.  Even when I was consciously trying to run ‘to form’ things just were not happening.

About 1.5 km in I stopped and took off my long sleeve, because I was just slightly too hot.  I love the blistering heat when all I have to do is sit by the pool and drink a beer, but when I’m running I’d rather be a lot too cold than a little too hot (god help me if I ever decide to run a desert race…).  So, off came the jumper, but the running didn’t get any better.  So, on I struggled.

And struggled.

And struggled.

But, I didn’t give in (I easily could have stopped anywhere on my particularly route and taken a bus).  And gosh my run was awful.  But, it was also one of those days that – for totally no reason whatsoever, even in the face of an awful run – things were just good.  Running was good.

And that was that.  I guess ‘train through pain, to race through pain’ can also just as easily be ‘train through weird, uneven, nothingness to race through weird, uneven, nothingness’.

It all helps.


2015, year in preview.

I only made one resolution for this year, and it was to stop resolving to do things.  I did not meet any of my set resolutions or goals for last year (for various reasons), and it has left me feeling a bit hopeless about 2015.  My win to loss ratio for last year looks pretty dismal, and so I have decided that I do not really want to reflect on 2014, but look forward to this year.

I know I say this every year but I want to do more running.  The last two years my running has been pretty up and down, due in large part to the unending pressure of finishing a PhD and raising a toddler (on my own, for the last part).  This year, my circumstances are slightly different, and so I hope to prioritise running a little bit more.  I have already started organising things differently in my life to accommodate this (and, generally, a more positive lifestyle) including swapping around the days on which Neon Toddler is with me (mainly, in this regard, is the switch of Friday to Saturday nights toddler-free).  The last 18 months have been a bit of a whirlwind of negativity and downward looking, and I need to change that around for myself.  And, I know that running and being active will be a big part of that.

I would also like to loose some weight.  Ideally, I’d like to be 7 to 10 kgs lighter by the end of July, when Helen (of HelsBels) and I take on the 70 mile Saffron Trail ultra.

So, as for goals for 2015, here they are:

Run.  Enjoy running.  Don’t worry about anything else.  (And, maybe sneak a few races in…)