Yesterday I meant to run (a tale of sore knees and illnesses)

I meant to run yesterday for the first time since last Sunday’s Ealing Half and the last time before this Sunday’s Cardiff Half.  I didn’t, because the Neon Toddler ended up at home with a terrible cough and a very sore thumb (she’s got an infected cut, and is on antibiotics which she obviously loves to take… not!).  Alongside that, my knee is very sore.  Superficially.

I may have neglected to mention in my Ealing Half race report that I fell over.  Falling over is one of the hazards of just being me and existing in the world, so I don’t mention often when I do fall over (in fact not unless something actually noteworthy happens regarding the falling over, like when I smashed my face open).  So, around 12km into the half, I fell over and took a huge chunk out of the top of my knee (you may remember I did something very similar during the RPFUltra, not once but twice!).

So, my  knee is superficially sore.  It’s in a really terrible place, being right over the top of the bit of my knee that actually bends, meaning that every time I bend my knee the scab stretches out.  This is not, in and of itself, a reason not to run, nor would it have stopped me from going for a run had I not been ambushed by the illness of my child (which obviously takes precedent over all things).

Anyway, what this meaningless post is trying to say is that I haven’t run since Ealing Half, and tomorrow A, Neon Toddler, and I head to Cardiff for more half-marathon related fun!