There is something wrong with this picture.

2014-08-30 10.26.47I am a fairly avid consumer of running-related literature, including magazines.  Women’s Running is not a magazine that I buy every month, but I buy it perhaps 3 out of 5 months depending on what the articles are on.  I have read Men’s Running, and have bought it on a few occasions, but not regularly.  But, this month I was a bit disappointed when I saw the two magazines sitting next to one another in my local newsagent.  My first reactions were the obvious (I hope): why do women get a static model and men get an ultra-running superstar in action on their respective covers, and why is the biggest story for women ‘FLAT BELLY FAST’ and for men it’s ‘Run Longer Run Stronger’?  These two things seems odd to me.  At a time when I want my nearly three-year-old to understand that she can do anything a boy can do (and mummy can do anything daddy can do, and women can do anything that men can do) then why are we still going though the women are pretty and should be thin, but men are adventurers who can be strong!

Looking closer at the two magazines, though, I can see that it’s not really about the actual articles but about the way that they are advertised on the cover.  So, lets take a closer look at the two:

2014-08-30 10.26.58

Articles include:




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