Long Runs and Short Cycles (Down By The River).

I have been moving along the river for the past two days. Not continuously.

Yesterday I went for a long run, and I had sorted out a T-shaped out and back. But, I didn’t do it, really – I just kept running down the river, though Putney (the works over Putney Bridge are terrible at the moment, and people – please look behind you before you erratically step into oncoming foot traffic. It’s just good sense!

The run wasn’t special. It was 16km, the longest I’ve run in a long time, and I felt pretty good. But it was slow. I was kind of hoping that I would be able to at least get close to my half marathon PB (if not break it) at the Ealing Half, and I am thinking that it pretty much impossible at the moment. I think I’ll be about 10 minutes off. But, you know what – that’s okay. It’s the getting it done, and the fact that I’ve started running again and that I’m excited about running again. That’s the big thing!

Anyway – to have a look at the numbers. My half marathon PB is a bone-achingly slow 2:14:25, and the break down looks a bit like this:

Yesterday’s run, even slower, looks like this:

That means that I’m currently looking at about a 2:18ish half. I don’t know how I feel about that yet. We’ll see. Plus, there is still some time to sort it out, I suppose! And look, having said all of that, based on my recent 10km PB, the Runner’s World Race Time Predictor says I can run a 2:11. So, I’ll do some work and we’ll see what happens on race day.

Apart from that I have been cycling the Neon Toddler down the river today (‘Mummy! Look at the boat!’ ‘Mummy! Look at the BIG boat!’ ‘Mummy! Look at the duckies!’ ‘Mummy! Let’s get ICECREAM!!!’). It’s been a pretty good day. But, I kind of want to go for a run…



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