La, la, la. Or, things are always better in the morning.

Well then.  Things are much, much better than they were last time I posted.  To begin with, after lots of tears, frustration, hate, and rage I submitted my PhD thesis.  The last three months has been a roller coaster of negativity and inactivity.  I’m sure not many people spend the last three months of their PhD doing the things that I was doing (i.e. not a whole lot of work), but there you go.  Each to their own and all that.  It would have been nice to submit earlier (particularly given the relatively small number of things that I ended up actually having to do) and perhaps be preparing for my viva now, instead I’m not doing that, but there you go.  Hopefully my supervisor will organise a fairly quick viva for me and I can get this whole thing squared away.  In some form, anyway.

Half marathon training continues, and running is equal parts great and shitty (as per usual).  I am feeling worse and worse about my speed recently, but the only person who can do anything about that is me I suppose.  So, there you go.

I have started planning some races for next year, too, so that’s exciting.  Specifically Paris Marathon and Race to the Stones.

Apart from that, life is just… going along as life does, and I have not too much to say.  Which, for now, is good.



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