A real, honest long run.

This morning I went on what really felt like a long run.  The first one I’ve done since the Royal Parks Foundation Ultra last year (early October, for those playing along at home).  It wasn’t a super distance, but it felt genuine.  I meant to run 14km, and ended up with 13.8km due mainly to the fact that the northbank of the Thames has a weird and slightly convoluted route around these parts, and the southbank is a bit more direct.  I probably could have made up the 200m but honestly, by the time I got home it was very hot  and I wanted to have a shower and some lunch.



And it was really lovely!

2014-08-07 10.53.53

2014-08-07 11.43.20


And I ran with a new vest that I bought in France, which didn’t rub or annoy me, and which I only had one small and easily fixable problem with (more on this in another post, perhaps).  All in all, it was a really good run.

The biggest question: can I run that plus another seven kilometres in seven weeks.  The answer: hell yes.  Bring it on.




P.S. A finally signed up for the Ealing Half marathon!  My special mixture of nagging and whinging finally paid off!


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