On the void, running around city walls, and not feeling wonderful.

So it’s pretty safe to say that I don’t feel the best at the moment.

Last week I went on holidays with A and some friends (hence my last post coming from France).  I booked the trip just before my birthday.  Things were looking pretty good with my thesis and I thought that there was no chance that I wouldn’t have submitted before the trip, so it was meant to be kind of a post-submission de-stress.  Anyway, it wasn’t.  I have spent a pretty hefty chunk of the last three months (like 10 weeks) with nothing to do waiting for comments from my supervisor, who is too busy to look at my work.  So, even though I actually didn’t have any work to do while I was away that whole thing kind of marred the trip and turned me into a bit of a neurotic bitch – especially to A, and regrettably this came out the most on the day of the Ventoux climb.

And it hasn’t really got much better.  This morning I went for a 5+change km run and felt just as shit when I got back as I did when I started.  That hasn’t happened before.  Anyway, that’s a slight diversion from the point of the story.

One of the best things that I did was get up early and run around the walls of Avignon on Saturday morning.  Chris and I wandered out from the flat to the outside of the walls together and set off in opposite directions.  He’s a bit faster than me so we met up after around 2kms (he’d done 2.8km the other way) and I was seriously confused about where I was.  I’d left with the instructions to just keep the wall on my right hand side, and it was still there, but I hadn’t taken a corner or a bend, and I felt like I was just running straight down.  Not so.  Anyway – the next lap was much better.  I’d intended three but it was hot, and early, and I was hungry, so when Chris was waiting for me near the finish of the second lap I didn’t put up too much of a case (that is, any) to continue on.

At any rate.  I am trying to work on an article that I’m not enthusiastic about right now.  I have forced myself to come into the city rather than just sit at home in bed and mope.  A and I are going to buy new trainers (for him) this afternoon so that should be something at least.

And I’m going to run perhaps 15kms tomorrow.  I’ve got nothing else to do so I might as well do something constructive towards half-marathon training!



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