Running and wine. I must be in France.

We are currently in France.  When I say we I mean me and A, and some other friends.  Not the Neon Toddler.  She is at home on a mummy-free vacation with Daddy.

So, A and our friend Chris are riding their bikes up Mont Ventoux tomorrow.  I am going up in the car.  The mountain looks a little bit like this:


That is, steep.  I make a joke about running up the top.  Only half a joke, but it’s going to be hot.  VERY HOT.  And I do not like running hills, and so I am not going to run.

Last night, Chris and I went for a 5km run after several glasses of wine.  Running after several glasses of wine is interesting.  Particularly in the heat.

But for now, I am going to take my very full stomach and settle down with Killian Jornet’s ‘Run or Die’ and watch A foam roll.  I wish I could be on holidays FOREVER (but I do miss the Toddler!)



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