First things first: after a (very hot) run and brunch with my friend Caz on the weekend I have bowed to pressure to join Strava.  I don’t have anything against Garmin Connect (now it’s been updated anyway!) so I was pretty content, but there you go.  I’m now on Strava.  Feel free to add me or whatever it is you do on Strava.

I’ve been running, which is amazing.  It’s now been four weeks (and one race) since I started running again and I feel so much better than I was feeling.  I’m not really a very positive person, when all is said and done.  I tend to be a worst-case-scenario type, and I obsess about things, and make myself sad and upset.  I assume this is just a part of who I am and the way that I am made up (and I suspect goes hand-in-hand with being bipolar).  But, running makes me feel better.  I wrote quite recently about how running changes my attitude towards my body and each run is a small victory in the large war that I wage on myself daily (that is, my eating disorder).  I think that can extend into something bigger.  Running doesn’t just make me happier it makes me a better person.  There is a number of physiological reasons for that (just Google ‘Exercise makes you happy‘ or, better yet, plug something like ‘exercise happiness‘ or ‘exercise mental health‘ into Google Scholar).  I am not trying to claim that running does something special and amazing, just to me.  It does this for everyone.  That’s why it’s so wonderful!

After I lost my training plan, I haven’t written another one.  That is my big task for today (as well as using up my entire photocopy card, but that’s another story!).  I’m going on holidays tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to running somewhere new and exciting.  And hot.



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