Somewhere between Hadrian’s Wall and London, I lost my training plan

I’ve lost my training plan.

It’s not the hugest deal in the world.  I can just write it again (although, being what it was it took me a considerable amount of time to fashion together I’m sure it won’t take as long to re-create).  At any rate, this week has been a bit of a weird one anyway, because I ran both yesterday (4kms on a treadmill in Chollorford) and today (8kms around my local park).  I’m racing on Sunday, so I won’t run again until then.

Racing.  This will be my first race in more months than I care to think, and I’m sure excited!  It’s a 10km around Gunnersbury Park, which I used to run quite often when I lived in Ealing.  It will be both a nice reminisce and a nice chance to push myself and let some adrenaline boost my pace.  I think it will be interesting to see how – in those conditions – my current pace actually stacks up against where I was before I stopped running.  I’m hoping that I’ll come out a little faster than I think (my 10km PB is 58:45, but my last 10km race was 1:08:47).  I’m hoping to run sub 1:10.  I’ll be happy with that, considering I’ve got another 10km race a month after, and that is the one I will use to really set pace goals for the Ealing Half Marathon in September.  And, as much as I would love to go for a PB there, I honestly don’t think it’s viable to push myself to that at this stage.  I want to enjoy running, and really train properly and well and cover the distance strongly.

So, that’s where I’m at.  Perhaps tonight I’ll pull down my copy of ‘Lore of Running’ and sort out my new lack of training plan.  But, for now the plan is to have a shower, do some foam rolling, rest and (hopefully!) race well on Sunday.

*For those interested, I mainly name my runs on Garmin connect after a song lyric that has boosted me through that particular run.  If there is something particular about a run that is not song-related then that will take naming precedence (so, for example, see ‘Golf courses do not make for good running tracks‘).


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