Being away from London

Neon Toddler and I are currently away from London, with my parents who are visiting from Australia.  It’s exhausting – Neon Toddler is unsettled sleeping in a different environment, always excitable (particularly regarding spending so much time with Nanna and Pa!) and is spending time in a car seat for the first time since she was a tiny baby.  I’m also unsettled, and I have no work to do on my thesis and haven’t for around a month now (for various reasons that I won’t go in to).

But, I have managed two runs – one better than expected and one worse.

The first was in Blackpool.  I was scheduled for 8kms, but got a bit lost and ran 9.  I was a bit worried about this run.  I haven’t run longer than 6kms since the end of October last year, and I had been really struggling from about 4 1/2kms in all my runs since I started running again.  In the end, I didn’t really have to worry.  I ran along the beach path, which was really nice (and, unrelated to that, filled with cyclists in lycra wizzing past me).  I felt pretty good most of the way and I’m pretty confident that I will at least finish the Gunnesbury Park 10km next Sunday (although I expect to be very slow!).


Yesterday’s run wasn’t as good.  We’re at a golf course just outside Durham, and golf courses just aren’t made to be running tracks.  I managed 4km, but was down for 10.  We’re heading the short distance to Hexham today, so I might try and do that 10km along Hadrian’s Wall.


All in all, some good and some bad.  But I’m running and that’s the main thing.


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