Who is the woman using the ‘built-in bra’?

I have one (actually two) of the Tribesports Performance Singlets, which I got from supporting the Tribesports Kickstater (along with a bunch of other stuff, including tights and a t-shirt and some men’s stuff).  It’s actually great.  It’s soft, it doesn’t rub, it fits really well (I mean really well) and I think it looks cool.  But, here’s the question: who is the woman who is not wearing a sports bra underneath this top, and are there enough of them to justify putting a built-in bra into the singlet?

Now, I know this isn’t a running-specific piece of kit, but surely other sports require breast support, and a built-in bra is never going to give you enough of that.  Unless you’re doing something very gentle/low-impact like (some kinds of) yoga, then you’re going to need more support than this can offer.  So, what’s the point in sewing it in?  Is the point that I have to then very carefully cut it out before I wear the top?  (And, to be fair, I have had to do this with other singlets as well, I don’t want to appear as though I am singling Tribesports out).


The excised built-in bra

While I do really like this singlet, had I known originally that it contained a built-in bra I probably wouldn’t have bought it.  I don’t feel annoyed about it (more perplexed), but I would prefer to not have to butcher my clothes before I can wear them (aside from cutting off labels, which I think should be done by all people as a matter of course).

But, do I have the wrong end of the stick?  Should I just suck it up and either continue to cut my clothes up (or not buy clothes that would require it?)  Is anyone actually using the built-in bra?


Let me tell you a little something about not running

So, since I moved into life as a single-mummy I haven’t been running on a regular basis at all.  And, I’ll tell you what – I feel awful.  AWFUL!

So, yesterday I ran.  4.5km in around half an hour.  Not great, but I didn’t die (which was kind of a win!)

But, I realised several things – and the top of that list is that I need to run.  Not I like running (I don’t always) or that running is some kind of wonderful zen (it isn’t, for the most part) or that it’s easy or that I’m good at it (I’m really, really not).  But, I do need to do it.

So, I’m going to go and fix my Garmin and sign up for a race.

And then I’m going to keep running.