Edinburgh Marathon!

Capture1Well, there’s the goal race.  So now I’ve got the marathon in May and the ultra in October, and just need to find something for the middle (a small part of me still hopes I can pick up a solo entry to TR24 close to the time from an injury/drop out/something of that ilk).

I think it’s pretty fitting that Edinburgh will be my first proper marathon, because I ran my first race ever during the EMF weekend in May 2012.  It was Mr. Neon’s first marathon back then, so he will be able to give me some course notes!

I went for a run this morning, and it was horrible and wonderful.  On shorter runs, I often forget that the first part of the run is always shitty.  It’s hard when you struggle through kms 2 to 4, but you’re just on a 4 km run.  That means you don’t get to pass through that terrible running time and into the feeling good running time.

So, I’m looking forward to perhaps a 10-12km run this weekend.

My plan at the moment is to run two mornings a week, and once on the weekends for a month, then start adding in an extra day during the week, and perhaps an extra weekend run if I’m feeling good.  Then, I will start a proper marathon training plan in the new year.

For now I’m just excited by running again, which I haven’t felt for a long time!

Anyone else running Edinburgh?


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