Running. It’s awful.

So I went running.

The good bits: no knee pain, no ankle pain.

The bad bits: everything else.

It probably wasn’t smart to run with the buggy for my first run in two weeks, but I did.  As a result Neon Toddler screamed intermittently for the 2 1/2km I managed.  That’s right – just two and a half kilometers.  I’m not that concerned about the distance, I’m more happy that I got out.  I think the next run will be much better, and the one after that.  I will make a decision on Thames Trot soon, but I think I will defer my entry to another race.

The good thing is I have done it.  I have run for the first time back, and now I can just keep running.  It was funny because I was starting to make excuses not to run – it’s going to be hard, I won’t be able to run a long way, my knee might be sore still.  All kinds of things.

I also got my delivery of Tribe Sports gear today!  That, in part, prompted me to just get out and go for that bloody run rather than making any more excuses.  You can check out the shop here.  I will do a review once I have run a bit more in them but I got a pair of capris, a t-shirt and two singlets.  Mr. Neon got a pair of shorts, a half-zip top and a t-shirt.  We were backers from the Kickstater project that the people at Tribe Sports put together, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting this gear for a while now!  It’s exciting that it’s finally here!

Anyway, now I am going to give the Toddler a piece of toast and a bath, and tomorrow I will run again.


Being Injured Sucks

I haven’t been running.  In fact, I haven’t run for a week now.

I am cranky.  I am over it.  I have lost my ability to find time to go for a run.  And, it’s all because I fell over a week and a half ago and hurt my knee.

I rested, but raced that Sunday.  I probably shouldn’t have but I love to race and I was really looking forward to it.

But now I am finding it hard to start running again.  What if my knee still hurts? (not that I will know if I don’t run…) What if it’s harder than it was before?  What if… what if… what if.

Injury sucks, and it’s so hard to start again.

But, I’m going to go for a run this afternoon.


I promise.