Blood, Sweat and (S)miles

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will remember that last year I all but smashed my face open on the pavement:

256446_10150970732192655_708382733_oI’m still sporting a rather garly looking scar from the incident (it is, though, covered by my glasses, which is a bit of a shame really).

Then, you’ll remember, I took the tops of both of my knees during the recent Royal Parks Ultra.  Well, tonight I have done it again, and then some.  My knee looks like it’s been hit with a baseball bat, and that it has a baseball inside it.  I tripped over, you see, on my way to running club.  Almost literally outside my house.  I almost didn’t go, but I did.  I jogged, lightly, down to the meeting point and then stood around for a few minutes.  By the time we got going again my knee was painful.  Like, very painful.

So what would a smart runner do?  That’s right, the long course.  10km running on a dodgy knee.  That’s smart runner thinking right there.

So, I have come home, gingerly peeled my blood-soaked tights off, iced my knee and now I am going to bed feeling sore and sorry for myself and hopefully I will wake up with a nice, normal looking knee, just minus a little bit of skin.

I’m really turning into an accident-prone runner.  Really…



2 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat and (S)miles

  1. ultraboycreates says:

    I don’t want to click the like button as it seems so inappropriate but this posting reminds us that accidents do happen and we do need to run smart. Face, knees, ankles, hips … we need them all if you want to be ultra marathoning – so take care and do run smart or I’ll be round to smack your arse for you 🙂 that’s what my running friends do to me when I’m running when I shouldn’t be! Hope the knees are okay

    • Neon Anonymous says:

      I think I needed someone to slap me last night – but yes. It’s a good reminder at a point in my training where it won’t do too much damage to take some time to recover well.
      Knees are tender this morning, but I can walk so that’s something 🙂

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