Fireworks!?! For Me!?!

I haven’t been doing much running lately, which is bad.  I wanted to get out today with the Neon Toddler in the buggy, but she pulled up with a pretty bad fever and a nasty sounding cough.  Not a condition I wanted to take her out for a run with.

So I haven’t been for a run since Sunday, when I did ten km around my local area.  And there were fireworks.

I basically do a large rectangle, and it was the final corner, about 2km from home when the fireworks started.  One at first, and then a few more, and then – as I rounded the corner – a whole pile of Catherine wheels shot up into the sky.  It was amazing.  It really gave me a boost, too, and I ran home in a pretty decent time.

Tomorrow night is Wednesday and that means it’s an Eagles night.  I am really enjoying running with the club, and I’m looking forward to going on some of the longer weekend runs in the coming weeks (hopefully starting this weekend!).  And, perhaps I might even get the courage up to make it to a track night some time next year.  I might wait until the summer.

Things in general have been stressful – with the end of my PhD looming and my thesis being in its death-throes – and with the illness that’s ripped though my life today (not my life, really, but…)

I am determined to make running a bigger priority, and I am going to start doing some ballet for cross-training and core strength.  That’s the plan anyway.

So, give me your tips to get motivated to run though the winter – I think I need them.


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