Our Top 5 Medals

So, I’ve been sitting here looking at the medal-and-race-bibs wall:

2013-10-11 12.40.53

And I was thinking: which are the coolest medals we have – because, like most runners, Mr. Neon and I have some awesome medals, and some less awesome medals.  That’s not just about looks, but about the race experience, the memories and everything associated with the medals (and, incidentally, my top 5 medals isn’t the same as my top 5 race numbers.)  So here they are, my top five medals:


2013-10-12 12.42.04

Mr. Neon’s most recent half marathon, the second Ealing Half.  It’s our local race, and run by my running club (or, at least, all the people who run it are pretty much Eagles, I don’t think it’s an actual ‘club race’ as such).  It’s just a cool looking medal.  Not as cool as the previous year’s though…


2013-10-12 12.42.06

Which is this one.  This was the first medal on our wall that had a cut-out.  The thing I like about both the Ealing Half medals is that they aren’t mostly sponsor logo.  They’re just nice, clean, simple, cool looking medals.


2013-10-12 12.42.00

Affectionately termed ‘The Penis Medal’ (and you can see why), this was Mr. Neon’s first marathon.  It’s here by virtue of it’s name.


2013-10-12 12.41.33

Contrary to what I said above about corporate sponsorship, my Adidas Thunder Run 24 medal is the second best on our wall.  The middle yellow bit spins around, which is pretty cool, but apart from that the experience was amazing.  This race single-handedly convinced me to join a running club.

2013-10-12 12.41.28

I don’t have to say too much about this, because I said it all a few days ago.

Mr. Neon says his top five medals are:

5. EMF Penis medal (down two)

4. This year’s Ealing Half (up one)

3. Thames Meander Marathon (MNs 2nd marathon)

2. TR24 (same)

1. Royal Parks Ultra (same)

What are your favourite race medals?


One thought on “Our Top 5 Medals

  1. ultraboycreates says:

    Lovely posting and great medals. I think my top 5 would be my ‘The Wall’ ultra medal, Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2013, Liverpool Marathon 2012, Royal Parks Half 2011 and my Great North Swim 2013 medal… but there are so many good ones. I may need a similar post 🙂

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