Training plans and chocolate bars

Today I started my training plan with Scott at Team All American.  Scott reached out to me over Twitter and after some back and forward today we started.

So, today I was meant to run for 40 minutes at easy pace, which sounds both easy and fun.  For some reason I felt very slow.  Fine – legs and cardio good – but slow.  Then I realised that it was the middle of the day (which I never run in!), hot, windy and there wasn’t a skerrick of shade to be found.  So my 40 minutes became 35, but I have a scheduled 30 tomorrow, so I will just do 35 and make it up.

As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter, I ran in the Lululemon Pace Setter skirt for the first time today as well.  I am still baffled by the upside-down pocket.  I assume it’s for a tennis ball, but it doesn’t quite seem big enough (although just after I typed that I did shove my fist in there and it fit okay.  I don’t quite know the exact difference between my fist and a tennis ball but they look around the same size.)

We have now been in Australia for about a week, and I am getting homesick.  It’s funny, because going the other way – that is, when we first moved to England from Melbourne – I never felt homesick.  Now I am back at “home” and I long to go back.  I miss my parks!  It’s weird not really knowing where to run and how far everything is, it means a lot of out and backs, and I don’t really like running the out and back.  Oh well, I will survive I guess (or alternatively become friends with mapmyrun again.)

But, here are two lovely snaps from different runs along the beach, which will make you wonder why I am missing the concrete expanse of London:

2013-09-07 15.21.50 2013-09-07 15.36.32And here are some other shots of various things we’ve been up to in the last week:

2013-09-08 05.27.35 2013-09-07 22.10.50 2013-09-07 19.02.31 2013-09-05 11.12.53And now, I have to go and get ready for another catch up with someone I haven’t seen for three years…





New You

I’ve run twice along the beach now.  I grew up by the beach, but I wasn’t a runner then.  I am a runner now, and I live no where near the beach.

It’s been beautiful.

2013-09-01 09.56.51


(this is obviously not me running along the beach.  This is the Neon Toddler’s first – yes, very first – trip to the beach on Sunday)

I kind of hate the beach, and I have no intention of running along the sand no matter how good it is for me.  I hate sand.  It’s awful.  But, it’s also beautiful – the combination of the sand, the water, the sun glistening off the waves – it’s amazing.  I was worried (as I mentioned in my last post, I think) that I had changed and the place had changed, and that is true but it hasn’t been a problem.  I am a better person than I was when I left, in many respects not just running, so of course it’s okay.

The running has been fine, but my ankle has been giving me some troubles, so I had better watch out for that.  I am feeling okay for the upcoming Royal Parks Ultra and Round Rotherham.  Or am I?  I’m not sure.  25km and 15km this weekend will put me in a better state of mind, I think.

I hope.

Any words of advice or encouragement are very, very welcome!