On not running

I haven’t been running this week, for various reasons which are rubbish in the scheme of things.

Monday night I worked late, it was a bank holiday and Mr. Neon had the Neon Toddler, and anyway – I ran a half marathon on Sunday, so that was a little bit more understandable.

Tuesday I went out for cocktails, and Wednesday some friends came over at the exact same time that running club meets.  And now it’s Thursday and I haven’t run.

And I can feel that I haven’t run.  I’m feeling lazy and snappy and irritable.  I’m feeling restless.  It doesn’t help that I know I won’t be able to run until Sunday because of the flight.  Oh yes, that’s right, we’re leaving for Australia tonight.  A trip that I a equal parts excited and terrified about.  No, mostly excited.

So, I might try and sneak in a run today, with the toddler.  But I still need to pack, and drop some keys off to a friend, and do some washing.  I still have a bunch of other things to do, but I need to run.

I need it.


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