Week in Review

So last week was a bit of a lazy one, and this week has seemingly got off on the same foot seeing as I am posting the Monday Week-in-Review post on a Tuesday.  Yesterday was a bank holiday, though, so that sort of makes it better.

My sister was in town for most of the week, so there was a lot of being out and about and drinking more wine that I would normally have in a week.


Monday I weighed in up on last week at 73.6kgs with 33% body fat.  I am trying to get my weight down because I think it will be a lot easier to lug 7 or 8 kgs less around some of the long runs I have coming up.  I worked all day and not much else – and didn’t make it to the club run.


Wednesday I managed to make it to the club run, and sacrificed dinner and drinks to get there.  Hooray!

Ran 3.1kms there and then the 7.8km ‘long’ route.  It was meant to be easy, because I was still playing around with the idea of ‘tapering’ for the Bushy Park half on Sunday.  So the pace was a bit up and down.


I weighed in down at 72kgs and 32% body fat.  So, that was down on Monday, which was good.  Was going to head to park intervals, but decided against it and went for a beer instead.


Work, work, work.  Then ran a massive 1.7kms with the Neon Toddler in the buggy.  About half a km from home I remembered that I was getting a delivery.  Went to the supermarket and then home.  Nothing amazing.


Saturday I stood in the rain cheering for runners of the Thames Meander marathon, of which Mr. Neon was one.  He ran a PB, so happy with that!


Sunday was the Bushy Park Half!  I will write a full race report so I won’t say too much here.  I did run a PB of 2:14:25 so I am stoked after slicing a good few minutes off the time!  It was also my first race as a (terrible, slow and not a real) club runner!

2013-08-25 09.08.17

And that was my pretty boring week!  This week we are all over the place and leaving for Australia on Thursday, so hopefully I will still get some good runs in, even if I’m jetlagged!


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