On running (changes afoot at Neon Anonymous)

If you have a very keen eye for detail you might have noticed some changes here at Neon Anonymous. I have stripped the category list right down to running, kit, vegan and life. Everything that was in those other categories is now in ‘life’.  Similarly, the PhD and ECR links are gone. Neon Anonymous has been ambiguous for too long, and now is coming out firmly as a running blog.

The blog itself won’t change much. I will post a page containing all my gear reviews, and will now accept sample products for review (whereas previously I would only review products which I owned and liked).

I will also be doing some more regular posts – starting with a Sunday/Monday training-week-in-review post.  I will blog more about running particulars, my own running, and running issues. I will also blog more about organism and nutrition, in relation to running.  I have some guest blogs in the works.

Neon Anonymous v. 1.2 is here, and it’s going to be great.


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