What I look for in running kit

I am feeling kind of kit-obsessed at the moment. Looking at heaps of different stuff but not buying anything really (apart from a Nathan hydration pack, a review will appear soon).  I’ve realised that I’m kind of a sports-kit-bender. That is, I buy kit from all kinds of different sports to use for running.

You might remember in my recent everyday kit list that I mentioned that I run in a tennis skirt. I think that says something about my levels of pickiness and what kinds of things I’m not willing to compromise on. With the skirt, it’s looks. That sounds shallow, but it’s not really. If I feel good, and feel like j look good, then I am going to be a happier runner. I loathe my thighs. They have a weird shape and I think they are too big. Running specific skirts aren’t
made to flare out in the same way that tennis skirts are. Running skirts are, generally, straight up and down. And if they are flared it is so slight that it looks up and down on me. Yes, it annoys me not to have pockets (for the record I pin my house key to the middle layer of the skirt with a nappy pin), but I’d rather feel good than have a pocket. I would love to find a running skirt that ticks all my boxes but until then I will stick with the tennis skirt out of necessity.

The hydration pack that’s coming up for review is another example of sports bending. It’s actually a mountain biking pack. I won’t say more because the review will go into depth.

I love running kit, but I have found the need to look outside our sport specific kit to find things that don’t necessarily conform to the perfect runner type. What non-running kit do you run with and why the choice over traditional running specific kit?


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