My Favourite Everyday Running Kit

This post is inspired by the post of (almost) the same name at Running the Race, which I discovered though the Running Bloggers.  So here is a list of the stuff I use run in and run out, that I like the best.

Shoes: Brooks PureConnect 2

2013-05-27 20.09.14

At this stage I think it’s pretty clear that I like these shoes, from my initial review and update.  In find them comfortable, reactive, supportive and all-round great.  Shoes are the one thing that you really must try out yourself, in a store, with a person who knows what they are talking about helping you.  Go into a running store that has a treadmill – sure they won’t let you crank out 7 or 8 km in the shoes, but they will let you at least run a bit in them.  However, if you’ve done that and you’re tossing up between the Brooks PureConnect 2s and something else, get the PureConnects.  They are awesome.

Sports Bra: Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

ImageGenIt’s scary the number of women I see out running who are clearly not wearing a sports bra, or wearing a sports bra that is either way too old or the wrong size.  You must get fitted for a sports bra ever so often, because a lot of women (including me) should be wearing a different size sports bra to their normal bra.  If you’re running, or doing other high-impact sports, you need a sports bra that is made for high-impact sports.  The Ultimate Run Bra is my personal favourite – I have a few of them in rotation at the moment, including the pink colourway pictured (my nearly 2-year-old picked it over a black one).  I find the URB comfortable, mainly due to the inner lining which means that there aren’t any internal seams at all.  It’s not constricting, yet it holds all the wibbles and jiggles in.  I like the double closure at the back, which makes it feel extremely secure, but also doesn’t make it feel like my shoulders are doing all of the work.  The double adjustment at the back is great too.

I have a sports bra themed post in the works, so watch out for more.

Socks: Nike Running 5 toe Anti-blister socksrnik0374weToe socks aren’t for everyone, but I like them.  I hate double-layer anti-blister socks, and these are just super-perfect.

Very close runner up: Hilly Mono Skin Lite Anklet.

Bottoms: Nike Serena Williams statement woven skirt

nike_41751Yep. I run in a tennis skirt.  I have two of this skirt, one in black and one in slate grey.  There are a few cons (namely, no pockets), but mostly pros – it’s comfortable, the internal shorts are wonderful, they are only small but they stay put.  Now, I like to run in a skirt because I like to wear skirts.  I feel self conscious in shorts, and I am too far into body-loathing to be able to wear tights on their own.  I have tried several running-specific skirts, and while they all have decent running-specific features (read, a pocket), I just don’t feel like they flatter me, and therefore I don’t feel good running in them.  This skirt is something I feel good running in.  It’s comfortable, it’s light, it was cheaper than all the running-specific skirts I’ve ever bought, and it makes me feel kind of sexy – which is pretty cool.

Watch: Garmin Forerunner 310XT

garminforerunner310xtOh, Garmin Forerunner 310XT, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

Okay, I won’t publicly serenade my Garmin, and you’re all runners (mostly, I’m guessing, because mostly I blog about running) and so you probably understand the depths of my Garmin-related love.  My personal set up is this:

Screen One, 3 boxes: distance (top), pace (bottom left), elapsed time (bottom right)

Screen Two, 3 boxes: heart rate, average pace, time of day

Screen Four: Virtual Partner

So you can see, that’s pretty pared down in terms of what you can actually do.  I do have a heart rate monitor but I don’t really ever wear it.

You can read an in depth review of the Garmin 310XT at DCRainmaker.

Nutrition: Clif Shot Bloks


Obviously I have things other than this, including gels (I also like Clif gels) and real food.  But, Shot Bloks are the most amazing thing, because they are tasty, not slimy like gels, you can open a pack and just have one and then you can keep the rest and still avoid having left-over gel squidge over everything you look at.  You don’t need to take them with water.

Anti-Chafe: 2Toms Sport Shield


It’s not a fun topic, but no one likes chafing.  I honestly thing that 2Toms Sport Shield is the best out there.  It just is – it works really well for both skin-on-skin and for skin-on-clothing/shoe.  Not many (non-tri-specific) anti-chafes can say that.  Oh, and for the triathlete in your life, it’s also wetsuit safe.

That’s it, kids!  I obviously haven’t included everything.  I run with a visor, but the type is not super important.  All my favourite shirts are either event shirts or ones I have butchered beyond recognition to make into something I like.   Incidentally, my favourite shirt is this one from the Nike Paula Radcliffe ‘Legends Run Forever’ event in London last year:

946313_10151628690557655_977653311_nIn this photo you can also see the skirt, and the black colourway of the Brooks PureConnect 2, and my Garmin 310XT in action, along with the random visor that I was wearing.

Mr. Neon is working on a companion to this post, which will appear on the blog soon, detailing his favourite everyday running kit.

What are your favourite everyday pieces of kit?


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Everyday Running Kit

  1. Karien says:

    Thanks for the shout-out – loved reading about your favourite running stuff! I’ve always wanted to try the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra – they’re just soooo expensive! Perhaps I should just close my eyes and get one…!

    • Neon Anonymous says:

      No worries! Thanks for your original post!
      I have found that the Shock Absorbers are normally better priced at running or marathon expos, but you’re right – they are a bit pricey! I personally think they’re worth it, and they last very well. The only reason I’ve gone though a few is from losing weight (particularly post-pregnancy).

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