A man, a plan, a canal – Panama!

I need a plan.  A training plan.  Or do I? (no seriously, sound off in the comments and tell me what you think think about training plans!)

Last night, as I was getting organised to head out the door, Mr. Neon said to me (as he often does): ‘how long are you going for?’  I replied with a very non-committal ‘6, 8, maybe 10km.  I’ll see.’

A rather warm, but great, 10km later I was back in the door after a sprint finish.  It was easy because I hadn’t started out thinking ‘I have to run 10km in this awful heat!’  I just ran around the parks which surround my house – I was never more than 2km from home – and I didn’t look at the Garmin for pace.  I just ran, and enjoyed myself, which is what I like doing.

But I also like to race, and I have some pretty long races coming up, and so I need to train more specifically that just ‘running to how I feel.’  The plans that have worked best for me in the past have been those with distance ranges (I know that I definitely want to run to distance, not time).  For example, a tempo run might be ‘8-10km’ and a long run might be ’22-25km’.  That way I can cut it away if I think I’m in danger of overdoing it, hurting myself, or just not feeling it – but if I’m having fun and loving the run I don’t have to stop. So, as much as I’ve enjoyed these last few months running to feel, I think it’s time I got serious about doing some actual training.  Not just ‘I’m going to do a long run and smile!’

I want a plan that will see me up my weekly milage, and that’s good for 50 miles, and I’m happy to do some tailoring.

In fact, what I’d really like is an ultra coach, so if someone is feeling generous and wants to use me as a coaching guinea pig, please please get in touch.

Finally: check out these amazing pictures from the Western States 100 finish line.  And, huge congratulations to Timmy and Pam!


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