Blisters and body-troubles


This morning saw Neon Toddler and I head out in the beautiful weather to go to the park.  Once there, I did five minutes on the rowing machine, during which I got a blister on my hand.  Then, ten minutes going backwards on the elliptical.  At that stage, Neon Toddler was ready to hit the play equipment and we ran around for about 45 minutes doing all the things that adventurous little girls like to do:

2013-06-05 11.12.01 2013-06-05 11.26.46 2013-06-05 11.12.59 2013-06-05 11.23.47

This evening, after dinner, I ran.  I ran because I love running, and because the point of Juneathon is to jog, log and blog.  Anyway, I set out with a modest Wednesday-long-run goal of 10-12kms.  I ran just over 3km before my stomach started to cramp up, and I started feeling lightheaded and like I was going to puke.  So I turned around and came home, and I’m really pleased that I did.  There are times to push though it, and tonight was not one of those times.  I’m off to bed to get enough rest to get this whatever-it-is out of my system before tomorrow.

I other news, my legs hurt today, from the thighs and glutes workout yesterday.  Not cool, but also awesome.


For dinner tonight we had wholewheat pasta with peas and asparagus in a very light, creamy sauce that was made of a small bit of vegan butter-spread, a splash of almond milk and some Cheezly ‘cheese.’  I enjoyed it, and it more or less passed the Toddler-test.  Mr. Neon thinks: ‘yeah, it was nice, bit too much asparagus but other than that.’  (Looking at Neon Toddler’s bowl, she thought there was too much asparagus too.  I must be the only one that liked the asparagus.)

I would have taken a picture, but my phone is a hunk of junk at the moment.  I went from full charge to no-battery between 8.30am and 4.30pm.  Not great.  If you value battery life don’t get an HTC One X.


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