Another win-fail, but more win today

Another sort of win and lose day today.  Had planned a slow 8km.  Instead ran a relatively quick 6km.  Had planned to finish that with a glutes and thighs workout.  Instead I am going to wash my face and go to bed.  Glutes and thighs can wait for tomorrow morning.  Then perhaps a run, depending on the weather and the little girl.  Neon Toddler (yes, she’s finally graduated from being Neon Baby, though she will always be my baby!) might be in a mood and if that’s the case I’d be loathe to put her into the running buggy until it’s nap time.  And by that stage I might be over it.  And my glutes might hurt.

I had a very nice, and slightly surreal, moment where I ran with another lady for the length of a park.  We didn’t look at each other, we didn’t speak, we just ran – step for step – for about a kilometer.  We got to the bottom of the park and I turned out the gate and she swung down the other path.  No hello or goodbye, no nod or wave.  It was nice.  Weirdly.

Speaking of which, here is my Juneathon Day 3 motivational poster:

984249_160555754124713_1632924768_nTomorrow’s motivational poster is going to be much less amazing, unless you like reading lists of measurements.  Because that’s what it will be.

So, let’s tally this up then:

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0.5
  • Kilometers: 6.11
  • Nice Arses: 0 (for now)
  • Nice squishy moments with other runners: 1



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