I got the skillz to pay the billz

Once more, I am going to be Terrible Blogger (TM) and quote myself, from Garmin Connect:

Here’s what I love about not having a training plan: I don’t force myself through a run that I can’t do. That is, I run what I feel. Sometimes that means cutting a run short (for a good reason, feeling tired or sorry for myself or unmotivated does not count as a good reason) or, like tonight, to tack a few extra kms onto a run that’s feeling good. Which makes me so happy. SO HAPPY! Particularly when I haven’t been running anywhere near as much as I’d like to because of the blasted ankle. Anyway, the run tonight was great except for two big things: 1. I felt as though I was really thudding down onto the path, I did not feel light at all, like I was stomping in a running-like fashion rather than running. It got better, but I really had to pay attention to my footfall. On the plus side, this confirmed that my actual foot-placement on the road is really good; still a ‘front-midfoot’ strike. 2. At the start of Jez Bragg Rd (whatever its name is) I got a really awful stitch under my mid-ribs on the left side, and just below my bottom ribs on the right. By the time I hit the Broadway it was gone, but it really knocked it out of me for a few minutes. Happily, I kept running though it, and felt good for it. Finally, I discovered tonight that it’s actually really difficult to keep your pace slow, particularly when you feel good.

Things have been particularly crazy recently, and it’s nice to just get out for a run.  Last night I got home and watched the middle of The Breakfast Club, and then reassessed my wardrobe.  Actually, I then fell asleep on the floor but those two things are sort of synonymous (in my own head, at least).

Now I am drinking a beer, and then I am having a shower and going to bed.  Oh, the exciting life I lead…


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