Thoughts: up and down

defaultI just went on the worst run I’ve been on in a long while.  This is how I described it on Garmin Connect:

What a terrible run. Pleased I made the 5km distance and in relatively good time with how I was feeling, and being first run since I hurt my ankle. Left (i.e. injured) ankle was fine the whole way around. I thought I’d taken it too far towards the end when it ‘clicked’ out of place, but it was absolutely fine. Legs felt heavy, which I think it pretty standard for me first run back after an injury break. Plus, I haven’t even been doing too much walking etc. trying to get the ankle back. All in all, feeling good and now it’s time to turn to TR24, Royal Parks Ultra and (most important!) Round Rotherham!

For now, not much else to say.  Life has been busy and not running has been horrible.  But, now that my ankle has taken on 5km of path with no pain I can start planning my training properly.  So, that will be the next thing up.



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