Untitled #482 (Another Running Gush)*

I have a confession to make.  I do this:


Except not on a treadmill.  Out in the world.  And I mouth words to songs I’m listening to.

And, I’m not embarrassed about it.  I don’t do it normally, when I’m walking down the street, or sitting on the tube.  But, I sometimes just can’t hold it in when I’m running.  I don’t do it all the time – in fact most of the time I run like a normal person.  Sometimes I’m just so damn excited to be running that I can’t help it.

Tonight was the second run back from illness, and I’m feeling really good.  My left ankle is still presenting some problems, but is getting better.  Last night I was laying in bed thinking about how much I miss post-long-run-heavy-legs – that feeling you get laying in bed the night of a long run and your legs are exactly sore but they feel satisfied.  I know that sounds weird, but I’m sure other runners will get it!  My goal for this weekend (obviously apart from Eurovision!) is to remedy that.  A long run!  I’m more excited than I should be.

After the run, Mr Neon and I did his evil rotisserie workout; 2 x 30 seconds of: superman, left side plank, crunches, right side plank, front plank. Awful and awesome.  It actually should be 45 seconds, but I know my core is no where near ready for that after 30 years of neglect.  Plus, I had a bit of help with my last set of crunches:


In non-running related news my mum has been visiting and left today, which is a bit sad but we are going to see her again in September in Australia.  And on that, I got my residency permit today.  That means that I am officially a permanent resident of the United Kingdom!  No more worry.  It’s great, but there was a small part of me that was a little sad.  Getting this means that I’m not an Australian resident any more.  Never mind the fact that I haven’t lived there for several years and I don’t vote there.  It’s much more happy than sad, though!

And now, to bed!

*Here is a (perhaps) little known fact: before doing what I do now I went to art school.  In fact, I very nearly ended up going to one of Australia’s premier art schools to study drawing rather than to the university I went to to study classics.  All of my works in the history of forever have, with only a few exceptions, been titled in this way.  That is ‘Untitled’ followed by a random number, followed by an actual title in parentheses.  One day I am going to find a way to name an article or book in this fashion, as homage to my ‘previous life’ as an artist.


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