Blasted Blisters!

I wrote three posts in my head yesterday, but none of them will see the light of day (just yet, anyway!).  The first was a big list of things I have to do.  Well, slightly more exciting than just a list but one I can nevertheless sum up by saying:

Things to do: Everything!

Then, on my way home from the shops I felt a click in my hip.  It wasn’t painful, but it twinged – I could feel it was something.  I took a few funny steps, tried to do some inconspicuous stretching, but it continued.  Click, click, click, all the way home.  Oh no!  What could be worse for a runner than to get a niggle in such a terrible and boring way!  I decided to go for a run anyway.

And there’s the third post.  My run was amazing.  It was the best run I’ve been on in several months, the first one that I didn’t have to drag myself out of the house.  The sun was out, I was feeling great, everything was amazing and I was going to write about it all and how much I love running and all of that.

But, when I got home I discovered that my split-second decision to not wear socks was, perhaps, not the best one.  Just because Anton Krupicka pulls his shoes on without socks in the Ultimate Direction AK Race vest video doesn’t mean that I can or should.

That only means one thing.  It’s over.  I have run for a long time without ever getting a running-shoe-related blister.
2013-04-24 11.03.13  2013-04-24 11.03.05

It’s over.  And now, I know – PUT SOCKS ON!


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