Good news, bad news, painful news

Today is a post full of news.  All types of news.  I’ll start with the bad news.

I’m not going to run Neonathon.  There will be no pre-30 marathon.

There is a few reasons for this, but there are two big ones.  While I strongly feel that I could make the distance now, I don’t think it would do me any good.  I think I’d be inviting injury and time away from training and I have bigger goals than the marathon to conquer.  So now I’m not going to run a marathon.  I have a pretty good analogy here, from my own life: the first wedding I went to was my own.  To use a huge cliche here: I go big or go home.

I’m not going to run a marathon because I’m going to run an ultra.

And that’s the painful news (but, not painful in a bad way.  Painful in a good, good way!)  I have two on the horizon, both in October – and A race and a B race.

A race: Round Rotherham 80km on October 19.

B race: Royal Parks Ultra 50km on October 6th.  My last long ‘training’ run before RR.

I am also raising money for Mind, for mental health.  If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you’ll probably have figured out that I have had my fair share of mental health issues, and Mr. Neon has had his fair share as well.  I am planning a post dedicated to this, and my decision to run for Mind, but for now you can sponsor me here.

If you’re an ultra coach (particularly one based in London!) and you would instead like to donate (or at least severely reduce your fees!) for a hard working, run-loving, mum and student (i.e. me), I would be equally happy.  Or, if you own a gym and might like to donate a membership, that would be fine too. (Is that too cheeky? Oh well!)

And, the good news?

Well, isn’t it always the same good news?

I love running, but more than that I love running in the sun.  And London has decided to put on some sun.  Hopefully it stays out for the marathon tomorrow, which Mr. Neon, Baby Neon and I will be at (though none of us running, despite much ballot-related wishing!)  I did do 10km today, which was good apart from a small niggle in my left hamstring right at the end of the run.  I’ve got something around 18km planned for tomorrow, but I’m going to nurse the hamstring and see how I go.

And finally – the news that has shocked everyone and has rallied runners from over the globe together:



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