Readers of Mr. Neon’s blog Tin-Man Adventures will be aware of his recent struggles with motivation.  After the blow of giving up Ironman Bolton for 2013 (in the same fiscal shadow that saw my withdrawal from the Vienna City marathon) he has been struggling.  I’ve been struggling too.  Hence, the lack of blogging, especially about running.

Yesterday I went for a 7km run, and I’m about to get ready to head out on a 15km slow run.  It’s a start.  But, we’ve decided that to kickstart our motivation we’re going to collect points!  In the past I’ve found that getting a new piece of kit or signing up for a race can be motivating, but I can’t afford to do either of those things at the moment.  So, we’re altering the ‘£1-in-a-jar-per-workout’ thing and giving ourselves points.  1 point = 30 minutes (for Mr. Neon, who measures his training on time) or 5km (for me, as I measure on distance).

We’ll see.  I’ve already got a few hundred km worth of stuff on my wishlist…


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