Didn’t I give up exams?

A lot of people celebrate the eternal end of exams when they finish their education or move into research-based education, and I was no different.  Which is why it’s more than a little bit crazy that I decided that graduating with a gold lion embroidered on the left shoulder of my gown was worth sitting 6 extra hours of exams during my PhD.

Anyway, fast-forward two years and four exam hours and I am again on the precipice of my very last exam ever.

There is one big problem. Not only have I not studied, but I didn’t actually attend any of the lectures. Okay, I attended one, but I was reading something else. Probably for my thesis.

So, now instead of using my last hours to study, I’m writing this lament.

It makes perfect sense in my mind.

Posted on-the-run on my HTC One X


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