Neonathon 2013

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen this come up on your feed this afternoon:

CaptureCoupled with yesterday’s mournful post, I’m sure you can see where this is going.

We are going though some hard times.  We’re a one-income family, in an expensive city, that pays for (some) childcare.  Not a lot of one-income families also pay nursery fees, so that bones us a little bit.  We are incredibly lucky to have the love and support of our families, but our families are also thousands of kilometers away (in fact, around 16891.36 kilometers away).  That does not make easy baby-sitting.  And, yes – we chose to live this life.  We chose to move across the globe, and we chose graduate school, and we chose to have a baby.  And, I guess, we also chose not to move back to Australia.

I’m trying to be more positive about life, and this is the first step.  I didn’t originally decide that I wanted to run a marathon because I wanted the medal.  In fact, ‘marathon’ is not my primary goal.  I’ve signed up for a 24 hour event (in a team), and I’m hoping that things will be good enough (or someone kind enough) that I can run the Round Rotherham 80km in October (I know it’s only £15 to enter, but honestly, that’s a stretch at the moment!).  The point is not the medal, the point is the achievement.  The point is finding an answer to the question ‘can I run the distance?’

Thus, Neonathon.  The first (annual?) Neon Anonymous Marathon!  As I iron out some of the details I will update here.  I’ll post the date and time I’ll start, and a map – with some fairly generous general times I might happen to run though certain points.  At the moment I suspect I will run the Thames Path, because it seems the easiest route (i.e. traffic free, easily accessible, long, little chance of getting off course, Mr. Neon will be able to find the path easily enough on the bike).  Depending how it goes, I may even set up some kind of charity thing.

I can tell you easily enough that it will be late April or early May.  It will definitely be no later than May 6th.  Moons ago, before I became interested in ultra-running, I promised that I would run my first marathon before my 30th birthday, and I will.  Not only that, but my training is gearing up for an April 14th marathon, so I don’t want to mess up that schedule too much – however, it will depend on what other events etc. are going on as well.

Finally, I am more than happy to have company.  Either for all or part of the run, at the side of the road (remember, I won’t have aid stations!), online, on Facebook or Twitter or in any other form.

The countdown is (kind of) on.  This is Neonathon 2013.


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