Run, Eat, Run, Eat, Rest

I have been thinking a lot about what and how and why I eat.  I’ve started reading Vegetarian Sports Nutrition and starting to go though Racing Weight again.  I’ve started writing down what I eat and paying a bit more attention to it.  I want to loose weight, but more than that I want to be healthy and fuel my body in the right way.  I have historically not been very great at managing my weight healthily.  I don’t often talk about it, but (and particularly in the spirit of the week) I have long suffered with eating disorder.  That is, when I was a teenager (particularly) and a various other times in my life, I have had an eating disorder.  I still have an eating disorder.  I think of it in many ways to be like alcoholism – you can be thirty years sober but still be an alcoholic (I understand that this may not be true of all alcoholics, but certainly some).  The only problem is that you cannot really abstain from food and not have an eating disorder.  It’s difficult when you also want to loose weight in order to not have to lug so much body weight around.  I have a fair amount that I could loose.  Currently this is how it stands:

Weight: 78.0kgs (12st 3lbs)

Height: 1.68m (5’6.1″)

BMI: 27.6

Body fat: 34.2%

So, according to BMI I am overweight.  Honestly, I’m not overweight.  At all.  I take that with a bit of a grain of salt.  The number I am more concerned with is that I have 34.2% body fat.  Recommendations for women put ‘poor’ body fat at 34.8% so I’m close to that than really is ideal.  While I would like to be lugging less weight around the Vienna City marathon course (and the TR24 course, and going forward) I think I’d like to reduce my body fat more than my weight (which may sound silly, as they go a little bit hand in hand, but I guess it’s not the weight number that I’m as concerned about.)

I say ‘as’ concerned because there is still a weight goal, of course.  I’d like to be down about 5kgs before the marathon.  But going forward I’d like to get down to somewhere between 60 and 64.  It’s right in the middle of my healthy weight range (for my height and age) and I have been that weight previously and I think it’s a good natural weight for me.

I suppose (tangentially) related to that, I’m about to sign up to run a 50 mile race in October.  It’s a qualifying race for Western States 100, so I may well ballot for that for 2014.  That will mean covering the 50 miles in under 11 hours.  I think I feel pretty good about my chances of doing that…  I’m not sure.

Tonight’s run (actually Monday night’s run, because I’ve had to do some switching around this week…) was a 10-11km quality run.  I did a fartlek over 10.31km, with an average pace of 5:53min/km.  My cruising pace is still coming down, so I’m feeling better and better about a sub 4:15 marathon (the first step to a sub 11 50 miler!)

So, should you want to (for any reason! ha!) buy me anything I’d like the following:

Anyway, I’m about to put on a pot of rice and have some dinner.  And watch Project Runway.  And be excited about tomorrow’s 22kms!


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