I’ve been learning a lot lately

I have a motto. Like many mottos it looks really awesome and inspiring when written down, and sounds great when said in the privacy of one’s own mind, but when articulated out loud doesn’t sound great and inspiring, it just sounds lame.  At any rate, I think it’s a good sentiment:

Win or learn – never lose

If you just said that out loud, then you’ll have seen exactly what I mean…

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of learning and not a lot of winning recently. But today, I won. For the first time in a really long time, I won.

And the prize was an amazing 18km, mostly along the river, including a good 6km of in-the-zone floating along the trail. It was having to slow myself down at km 15 because I was getting a bit too enthusiastic (which lasted for all of 800m before I just threw everything on the road).

You don’t get runs like those often, and you especially don’t get them when you’ve been lacking in motivation and haven’t run more than 10km in several weeks. Maybe that was a part of it? I expected to battle the path. I expected to slog, disgracefully, around those 18km. Plod, plod, plod, wobble, wobble, wobble.

Well, it still may have looked like that from the outside but the important thing is that it didn’t feel like that. It felt great.

Of course, there were the usual bumps along the road, fences to be cleared (the ‘fence’ is like a mini-wall – not obliterating but certainly slows you down), but there isn’t a run, and certainly not a run of any significant distance* in which that doesn’t happen. It’s the rest of the time that matters.

As much as I wasn’t expecting it, I’m pleased. More than I usually would be. When your motivation is lacking and you finally make it out the door and have a terrible run, it seems as though you are right back at square one. Now I’m excited about getting out again!

There’s a few posts coming up – my first review of the Brooks Pure Connect 2s I am trying out through their Try It On project. Another about my injury and illness and my resolutions for February (my ‘Febolutions’) and various other bits and bobs. Even some non-running related posts! But for now, I’m sitting on the train, filled with the satisfaction of a Sunday morning long-run.


*By ‘any significant distance’ I mean ‘any significant distance to the individual runner’. And, I want to stress that. A long run to one person might be 5km, whereas another may feel that it’s not until a much longer distance that ‘long runs’ occur.  To the new runner, 10km seems a very long way, but to the seasoned ultramarathoner it’s barely a warm-up.

Posted on-the-run on my HTC One X


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