(Insert pithy run-related title here)

When I am running, particularly on longer runs, I often think about the things I would like to write about in my blog, or tweets I would like to compose, whether I actually mean to blog or tweet about the run or not.  This is much more time consuming that you might imagine at first – I mean, how many times do we fire off tweets without really spending any time at all thinking about what they actually say.  The composition of the perfect 140 characters that gets across all the amazingness of the run, but not in a condescending way, while simultaneously being a great advertisement for the wonders of running, and everything that goes along with that, can take up several kilometers.  And not several like two or three, but several like eleven or twelve.  And yet, I rarely send these tweets.  Instead you get twitter gold like this:



And, as if you weren’t already infuriated by the clear injustice of that, you also don’t get any of the wonderful blog-related paragraphs or wonderful entry titles that I think of.  And, there is one very good reason for all of this.

Yes.  When I get home, I don’t remember any of it.

This, I discovered tonight when I had – seriously – the best, catchiest, pithiest title for this post that I was determined to remember and had in my mind until just after the 14km mark of my long run when I decided to just go for broke and use everything I had left on the last part of the run (I didn’t really, but that’s another story – related to my half-arsing the sprint finish rather than actually committing to going hard out*) and almost instinctively wiped my mind to surge forward.  I do it every single time.  Aght!  What a pain.  So rather than whatever amazing thing I had actually decided I was going to talk about in this blog you got this instead.

But, I had a good run – just over 15km, at a pretty good pace.  I purposely didn’t look at the Garmin for the first 6ish kilometers because I actually – for once – wanted to go ‘easy’ (as per the instructions on the plan).  So, I just ran easy, not worrying whether that meant very slow or medium slow (honestly thinking it couldn’t really mean anything other than those two, particularly after last night’s late tempo run).  I only really looked because I didn’t want to miss my 7-7.5km gel window and I’d lost count of the number of times I’d felt the lap buzz because of all the amazing prose composition that I was doing in my head.

Not much else run-related to say, honestly.  Had the usual long run bump around 13 and a half.  I think everyone gets to a point where they know exactly where they are going to hit the road to struggle-town – and lets be honest, it happens to everyone so there’s no use pretending it doesn’t. For example I always hate the distance from around 3 to 3.5km – it’s long enough into the run that my body kind of wakes up and goes ‘hey, we’re running’ but I haven’t yet hit a good rhythm, so I get this kind of weird buffalo-seal waddle come hating life moment where everything suddenly hurts and I think I’m going to die.  Like this, but attempting to run:


But, that always passes and then I feel okay again.  Which is pretty much what happened today.  So, not that you care or anything, here’s the run breakdown:



I am extremely happy with it.  Mainly because I really felt good the whole way (baring my moment of seal-like weirdness.)

Intended: 13-15km easy

Actual: 15.27km @ 6:34 min/km

*Oh look, it wasn’t really another story, because that’s it!


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