Project Vienna Tempo Run

Well, I have been a bad jogger-logger-blogger but for good reason – cold.  And no, it’s not because I’m a weakling.  Mr. Neon has been working some funny hours this week, and Baby Neon has been a little bit off.  Result = can’t run with baby in the buggy (I suspect the wind on the Tuesday run might have had something to do with this…), and can’t run at midnight (probably could, but wouldn’t be able to function the next day).  In terms of marathon training this means three big changes: 1. Yesterday’s tempo run happened today – this was because of the two missed runs, the tempo was the more important.  2. Tomorrow there will be two shorter runs – one earlier, one later.  3. Long run will now be on Sunday.

But, anyway.  On to tonight’s AMAZING 8km tempo:

CaptureThe big dip indicates the section of the run where I was forced – momentarily – to a complete stop by some non-thinking so-and-so (wow, that’s a much more polite expression than the one in my head…) who decided that he would unfold his Brompton across the breadth of the footpath.

The thing that I am most pleased with is the pace.  I really didn’t feel as though I was running under 6:00 min/km – obviously a very good sign.  I also felt as though I was getting a bit sluggier towards the end, but that’s also not reflected in the numbers:

CaptureI’m feeling really great about that.  It means that my sub 4:15 marathon dream is perhaps not a pipe-dream at all.

I have a new running mantra which is ‘don’t fight the pain.’ So, I’m trying to really get that to sink in – use the pain, don’t fight it.  I will let you know how that goes.  I’m sure it will be tested more on my 15km long run on Sunday.

I’ve also think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with my shoes  – they were fitted to me when I didn’t really know how to run, and I don’t think they suit my gait.  Speaking of shoes, I’ve also signed up to road test a pair of Pure Connect 2 trainers from Brooks.  I’m pretty keen to get a pair of Brooks trainers after reading about their company ethos, and – most importantly for me – because all their trainers are vegan.  I think it’s pretty fair to say that vegan-ness is something that’s really important to me.  You know, as a vegan.  If you want to have a look at the Try It On for Pure Project 2 you can do so (and sign up to test a pair of trainers for a week) here.  I’ve even signed Mr. Neon up to test out a pair of Pure Cadence 2!

The very last thing I want to mention is that Ultra Tales 4 is now out!  If you’re interested in Ultra running in the UK, you should at least have a flip though this really interesting user-generated online magazine.  The download links can be found at their blog here.

So, the numbers (adjusted from the ‘plan’ to the ‘this week is crazy plan’):

Intended: 6-8km tempo

Actual: 8.12km @ 5:43 min/km.

Addendum: 11 months ago tomorrow I ran 5km for the first time ever.  And, I mean ran the whole way.  I ran at the blistering pace of 7:04 min/km.  I joke about that now, but at the time it was blistering for me!  I can’t believe that less than a year after that first 5km run I’d have a half-marathon and be actually looking forward to a 15km training run for fun!  Amazing.  I’m so, so proud of myself!


2 thoughts on “Project Vienna Tempo Run

  1. Matchgirl says:

    Hi there, thanks for leaving the encouraging comment on my blog. Really enjoyed reading yours. Made me smile to notice the parallel lives: marathon training, PhD (although mine was a long time ago and yes, everyone hates their thesis by the end), and starting the journey to become a British citizen (I’ve had ILR for a while, but have been too lazy to pursue citizenship until now). Good luck with it all!

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