It’s Jantasticathon! It’s Janathontastic!

Well, today was the first day of Marathon Talk’s Jantastic, which I am participating in alongside Janathon, and regular marathon training.  Today was another quality run.  You probably don’t remember, but last week I did intervals that went around 2km longer than I intended (through shoddy planning on my part, to be fair.)  Well, today’s shambolic interval session more than made up for that goodness!  Yep… I attempted intervals with the running buggy.

Normally on a Tuesday Mr. Neon gets home around 6:30pm and I go out then.  Today, however, he’s working a funny shift which won’t see him home until well after 9pm.  That meant that if I wanted to get my quality run in I would have to do with with Baby Neon in tow.  Honestly, I should have gone out earlier as well, because the failing light and looming closing time of the park didn’t help.  The biggest problem, though, was me.

Here’s what I said on Garmin Connect (I think that sums it up best):

Well, my first truly failed session of marathon training. It wasn’t great for a number of reasons – failing light in the park, for example – but the biggest thing was my legs. Honestly, I think I underestimated the limitation that having the running buggy would have on my ability to surge at the intervals. As a result… aborted the run early. But, look – it’s not a regular week and I won’t usually be doing these quality runs with the buggy. Next time I have to, though, a session other than intervals might be wise! Maybe just having the buggy makes a session quality… hm…

But, looking on the bright side of things – another day ticked off for Janathon, the first Jantastic run done (I’ve pledged five a week, as per my marathon training plan).  And, it’s better than having not gone out at all.  Tomorrow’s an easy run and a good time to start over.  I’m planning on testing out some metronome apps – I’d be interested to hear if anyone has run with a metronome and how you found it.

So, here are the stats:

Intended: 6-8 km Quality

Actual: 5.04km @ 6:23 min/km.


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