Recovery Run, a.k.a Janathon Day 6

Day 6 of Janathon, and my fifth run of the week.  An easy recovery run to round out the week, and oh my it was an easy pace (although for various other reasons, wasn’t necessarily easy!)

CaptureRan most of the way with Baby Neon in the jogging buggy (this is a photo from a time of significantly better weather…):

2012-08-20 10.05.41The run was fine; pushing the buggy makes the runs a bit slower, but this was a slow one anyway.  I like running with the buggy for a few reasons, but mainly that if I do it enough then it makes my running much faster.  The inadvertent resistance training does wonders, and it’s something that I didn’t ever really think about when I first got the buggy.  If you have (small enough) kids, and you run, I cannot recommend getting a running buggy enough.

I need to roll and stretch more regularly.  By that I mean, I need to stretch and roll.  At all.

Here’s a look at my training week in review.



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