A near-miss

Today I almost ran a PB.  I seriously could not have come any closer without actually running the PB.  I missed it by one second.  ONE SECOND!  AGHT!

In other news today, I was meant to run 6-8km tempo, which I worked out to around 6:08 min/km (yes, I am slow!).  Instead I conked out at 5km, having not managed to keep above 6:00 min/km.  In the end, the near-miss looked a lot (in fact, exactly) like this:


So, I guess what I’m taking away from this run is that I need to work on slowing down – I have two speeds: flat out (for me) and cruising, so I really need to work on getting these tempo runs right.  I’d really like to also work out what my heart rate is actually doing.

I also wonder how I might go about convincing Brooks to give me a pair of Pure Connect 2 trainers…  otherwise I am just going to have to buy a pair in two weeks (or as soon as I can afford it!)

Now I am going to have some amazing smelling minestrone soup, a piping hot shower, and a rest (from running – not from Janathon!) tomorrow.

Here are the stats:

Intended: 6-8km tempo

Actual: 5km @ 5:46 min/km


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