My first Project Vienna Quality Run

Today I did my first ‘Quality’ run, which I will be now doing weekly on Tuesdays.  I didn’t do this one yesterday because of the Nike event, which meant I swapped my Tuesday and Wednesday runs.

This is what my plan says about these ‘Quality’ runs:

On quality days, mix and match from the following menu of workouts – or be creative and make up your own. The effort level should be moderately hard – no sprinting – and go easier in the first three and last three weeks of the plan. Always sandwich workouts with a warm-up and cool-down.
•      Fartlek: Pick up the pace for segments of 30 seconds to four minutes, interspersed with easy-paced segments of similar duration. Go by time or run them between trees, street signs or other landmarks during your run.
•      Kenyan outbacks: these are like tempo runs – a few kilometres at a challenging pace – but with the second half much faster than the first. Example: Run an out-and-back route with the “out” in 20 minutes and the “back” in 17 minutes.
•      Track ladders: Do a track workout up and down the distance ladder. Early in the build-up the ladder range can be 200 to 800 metres; later on it can rise to 1600 metres. Example: Run 200, 400, 800 and 200. Include an equal amount of slow jogging to recover between each faster repeat.
•      Yasso 800s: In the early weeks of the schedule run six 800-metre repeats with 400-metre recovery jogs. Increase the number to 10 during peak training.
•      Hill repeats: focus on form, not speed. In the early weeks, run four to six times up a moderate hill of 100 to 200 metres at an easy effort. Walk or jog down. In the middle of the training plan, simply do some tempo and long runs on hilly routes. Late in the build-up, run three to eight hill repeats of 100 to 400 metres at a medium to hard effort.

I kind of did a track-ladder, but not on a track.  I did a Pyramid interval session that consisted of a 2km warm-up followed by interval and 3:00 minute rests.  Intervals went 0:40, 1:00, 1:20, 1:40, 2:00, 1:40, 1:20, 1:00, 0:40.

Here’s what it looked like:


So, nothing like an interval graph of someone who does a lot of interval sessions – but a great start for a someone (i.e me!) who does not, as a general rule, do intervals.

I’m very happy with the effort!

Total distance: 9.84km (a little bit over the 6-8km it was meant to be… oops!)

Total time: 1:03:30.


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