Anyone starting up a new exercise program (or restating after a 6+ month break) and want to help out a fellow runner-researcher (out of solidarity to anyone undertaking doctoral research, not because I personally know the researcher in question) – look here and sign up!

Woman Stretching Before Workout

It’s that time of year when we feel overstuffed and underactive, and the New Year’s resolutions tend to include something along the lines of a visit to the gym. Research suggests that within 6 months, 50% of gym-joiners have lapsed, so as part of my PhD studies, I’m having a look at exercise adherence.

If you’re planning on starting an exercise programme any time between now and Easter, you can take part in the study. Full information is available here and you can sign up here. It’s been found that even just taking part in a study can help motivate people, so hopefully participants will benefit. The study involves completing a short survey online every four weeks, taking a few measurements… and doing your best to stick to your exercise plans! Some participants will have additional tasks – nothing that takes very long, and you can withdraw from the…

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