Running year in review

This year I did this:


And ran these:


In the process I burnt a shade over 60,000 calories, ran three amazing races and fell in love with running.

The first race was the 10km in Edinburgh, the day before Mr. Neon’s first marathon.  I think I was more nervous than he was!  The first few kms were all uphill, and I had only run in flat old Islington.  But, I made it!


In June I braved the city streets with something like 50,000 other runners for a wet and cold British 10km.  It was an amazing feeling crossing over the line, but I missed having Mr. Neon at the finish.  This put me into a spiral of guilt over all the races of his that I’d missed (except for the one I missed the finish because I thought I saw him on the course bleeding from the everywhere, causing me to get off the tram…).  Nevertheless, on I trained.


July saw probably the lowest point of my running year, when – after a particularly nasty running-related fall – I was taken to A&E by some very lovely passer-bys and kept for a long-while with a suspected fractured eye-socket.  Luckily it wasn’t, and I didn’t have to take too long off training.  Thankfully, this was the worst injury I’ve had!


In October the Run to the Beat half-marathon was the highlight of my running year!


So what’s to come in 2013?  Vienna City Marathon, obviously!    Hopefully also the 24hr Thunder Run and also a 50 miler.  I’d like to run 1500kms in the year, and work on my half-marathon time.

So, that’s it – not much of a roundup, but good highlight’s package.


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