A present for myself


Running is a gift I give myself, and today was no different.  I headed out for a wonderful run of just over seven kilometers.  But, today wasn’t just about running.  It was about Mr. Neon and Baby Neon – especially Baby.

We didn’t have a great night, last night.  Baby Neon is getting her right lower molar (the left broke though around ten days ago), and she was also very ill last night – lots of baby vomiting, we think from eating a section of rotten banana.  Thankfully (as Mr. Neon and I did not get very much sleep!) within two hours of getting up, she was ready for another sleep and the three of us had a Christmas day family nap – bliss!

And, now for that Christmas tradition – the ‘check out what I got!:

From Mr. Neon I got a ‘RUN WEST’ Nike T-shirt which is awesome.  From Mr. Neon and Baby Neon I got Scott Jurek’s book ‘Eat and Run’ and Simon Price’s ‘Religions of the Ancient Greeks.’  I also got Ian Morris’ ‘Death-Ritual and Social Structure’ and Rush Rehm’s ‘Marriage to Death.’  So – one running book and three PhD books…  HOORAY!  I also got some new running pants, a bunch of new running socks, some pajamas, some eye-shadow.

More importantly Baby Neon LOVES what we got her – a LeapTop.  It’s like a baby laptop, and she’s been playing with it all day.  Her other top presents are a doll from Grandma and Grandpa (Mr. Neon’s mum and dad) and some wooden puzzles from Nana and Pa (my mum and dad).

But, by far the best gift I gave myself was to get out and train.  Forty-five minutes of my Christmas day that was just for me, doing something I love.  Running is a gift.


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