Project Vienna – Week 1 Review

So, here’s this week’s training:

  Intended Actual
Monday XT 30 mins XT 30 mins (bike)
Tuesday Easy 5-6km 5.06km
Wednesday Easy 3-5km
Thursday Easy 5-6km 6.01km
Friday Rest Rest
Saturday Easy 8-10km 5.58km
Sunday Easy 3-5km 10.41km
TOTAL 24-32km 27.06km

So, I skipped a run but I still made the distance I wanted to so have to be happy with that.

After tonight’s run my right knee and both my ankles are sore, which just confirms – really – that I need some new trainers.  I will have to get onto that.  This has been my biggest running week since Run To The Beat, and I certainly feel better for it.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this week, hopefully next week I’ll be able to announce that I’m officially entered into Thunder Run!


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