Project Vienna: Week 1, Session 2









1 XT 30 min Easy 5-6km Easy 3-5km Easy 5-6km Easy Rest Easy 8-10km Easy 3-5km

First run of marathon training! Hooray!  It was a slow one – 5.06km in 34:15 – ran with Mr. Neon and Baby Neon in the buggy, which slowed the pace but then we walked for a bit when Mr. Neon wasn’t feeling too well.  Apart from that it was a good start except for one thing…  I now don’t own a pair of trainers that I can run more than a few kms in without an increasingly horrific pain in the soles of my feet.  My (ah-may-zing) Nike Structures are a bit ragged and almost a year and 800kms old.  My (also pretty awesome) Nike Frees are great for short, fast runs but I’m loathe to do more than 5km in them before I start feeling the instability in my ankles.  My (free) Lunarglides are just… not great, honestly.  My feet started aching after just over a kilometer.  So, the big thing that came out of tonight’s run is that I need a new pair of trainers.  So let the search begin!

(I want a pair of On Running Cloudrunners…)


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