Project Vienna: Week 1, Session 1









1 XT 30 min Easy 5-6km Easy 3-5km Easy 5-6km Rest Easy 8-10km Easy 3-5km

Today marked the first session on the road to Vienna!  Here’s a sample of marathons that are taking place on April 14th, 2013:

  • ABN AMRO Marathon Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Athens Marathon, USA
  • Big D Texas Marathon, USA
  • Bilstein-Marathon BiMa 42, Germany
  • Brighton Marathon, UK
  • Bunbury Marathon, Australia
  • Bungay Black Dog Marathon, UK
  • Canberra Times Canberra Marathon, Australia
  • Deutsche Post Marathon Bonn, Germany
  • Ecomarathon Inba, Japan
  • G-Sport Holmestrand Maraton, Norway
  • Hogeye Marathon, USA
  • Lochaber Marathon, UK
  • Obermain Marathon, Germany
  • Sparkassen City Marathon Cuxhaven, Germany
  • Tangermünder Elbdeichmarathon, Germany
  • Vernonia Marathon, USA
  • Vienna City Marathon, Austria
  • Werdauer Waldlauf, Germany
  • Whidbey Island Marathon, USA


What that means is that an awful lot of people probably also started their 16 week training plans today.  I wonder how many began as I did, with 30 minutes on the bike?  Well, on Mr. Neon’s cycle trainer, and a too-big rad bike with what feels like a stone bench instead of a saddle.  So, session one is done and tomorrow I can actually start to run!


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