I pity you pity me.

Occasionally I run past a gym where the treadmills face out onto the street. That means, essentially, that I run past runners who are running but not moving. Sometimes I wave and smile at them, but I’ve never got a wave or a smile back. They all stare into space with steely expressions. Honestly, I’m not even sure they can see out (but then, that raises a whole set of questions regarding the creepiness of a gym with one way windows going in – a fishtank). Regardless, I pity these runners as I run past them. We are doing the exact same thing but I am going somewhere and seeing things and feeling the wind and ducking and weaving. I imagine that they pity me as well. Particularly when it’s very hot and I run past dripping in sweat while they are in the nice climate-controlled gym. Or when it’s cold – like last night – and I run past in a hat, gloves, long sleeve top while they are in the nice climate-controlled gym. Really, neither is better or worse as long as people are getting what they want and need from the session. I never understood the logic behind training for a road race solely on a treadmill, but if you’re just looking to keep fit then there isn’t really a good reason to brave the cold when you can get what you need from the gym. Personally, I like the road. It’s free and it never closes.

Posted on-the-run on my HTC One X


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